Plastic Packaging Handles For Carry Boxes


Big Valley packaging handles are used to create carry boxes and suitcase style show cases. Big or small light or heavy we have you covered. Plastic handles for repeated use for carrying your product from point A to B. Simply die cut your corrugated box and insert plastic packaging handle. Our plastic handles were designed for cardboard suitcase style boxes and display packs. Accessory pail handles for buckets and parcel handles for string or bag carrying.

  • White plastic handles

  • Black plastic handles

  • Plastic support plates back up backing handle washers

  • Round handle washer discs

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Plastic handles for packaging corrugated boxes and cardboard mailers. You can’t beat Big Valley Packaging's all purpose plastic designer case and carry handles, used widely in the luggage goods, heat seal, electronics, firewood, handle packaging design for sporting goods, and small appliance industries. Our lay flat plastic packaging box handles are noted for flexible strength and quick application. Box handle reinforcement with our plastic washer back up plates give added strength to carry boxes. A variety of industries find our plastic handles indispensable both for convenience and ease of application. Cardboard box handles. Display box handles.  Carton handles. Plastic carry handles for corrugated boxes. Suitcase style handles. Many styles to choose from. #packaginghandles #plastichandles #boxhandles #carryhandles #plastic #handle #bigvalley

  • Heavy duty handles

  • Light duty handles

  • White plastic handle

  • Black plastic handle

  • Plastic packaging handles

  • Box handle

  • Escort handles

  • Back support plates washers


Suitcase Style

carry boxes

plastic handles insert into die cut holes


Premade stock size

carry boxes with handles

Stock Sized Corrugated Mailers With Plastic Handle


7” Heavy Duty Plastic Handle

7” Inch Heavy Duty Carrying Handle


8” Heavy duty Carry Handle

8” Heavy duty carry handle suitcase carry


9” Heavy Duty Handles

9” plastic packaging handles heavy duty strong

Packaging handles, back up plates, and washers have various uses for displaying and carrying manufacturer product. Handles are critical for products manufactured for end user retail applications. Packaging handles serve to make life simpler and more functional to customers in getting a decent and firm grasp on skate cardboard boxes, luggage goods, pop displays, retail goods packaging, firewood, hanging product, sporting goods, small appliance industries and all parts that need to be carried with ease.  Use a plastic carry handle, add on product for different applications whether for the retail consumer or in the distribution channel.

We offer colored foil hot stamping on our SR-330 6" Light Weight handles & our 6-1/2
(Minimum 50,000 quantity applies for custom imprint)


Packaging Handles

Light duty and heavy duty plastic handles for packaging carry boxes black or white

6” handle
6.5” handles
7” inch packaging handle
8” carry handle
9” heavy duty plastic handles


Support Plates

Optional handle washer plates backup support plate backers fit heavy duty handles. Round washers discs also available.