Creating Partnerships Through Packaging

Big Valley Packaging is an American owned veteran team of seasoned industrial packaging professionals with over 35 years of packing supply service experience. We are based in Arizona and serve clients worldwide. Some of our services and product offerings include printed paper and plastic packaging, as well as custom made to order size bags boxes, and custom foam fabrication.
Specializing in medium to high volume product supply.


Manufacturer Representative


Wholesale Supply

Our Mission

"A Company is only as good as the promises it keeps"
We value our customers and diligently work and strive to achieve their needs with the utmost service, value, quality and excellence. Our corporate mission is to enable every team member with the tools and skills they need to give clients the service they deserve, and to develope a pathway to succeed and achieve success in their work. All the while focusing on giving back to organizations across the nation that offer hope, change, and inspiration.

We represent the industry's leading manufacturer and brands including Dow Chemical, 3M, Better Packages, Rubbermaid, Brute, Marsh Brands, Kimberly-Clark, Signode, and many more.

Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)
Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

Our Service Team

We work closely with our business clients to fulfill their packaging supply chain needs. We proudly serve the military, medical, robotics, electronics, automotive, aerospace, food and industrial manufacturing sectors. With manufacturer plants nationwide we represent over a thousand product lines to help businesses keep their packing and shipping operations running with quality packaging.

Our team is ready to help you with your supply and print needs. Packaging customer service sales for clients around the world. Please use our contact us form to send your pricing requests in directly to our team. Have a question? Give us a call. Big Valley Packaging 520-988-3002


T. Young CPM Director of Purchasing

"Big Valley Packaging is always showing us interesting new packaging products for our shop.  They are also an excellent supplier source for those hard to find items, as well as competitively priced commodities."

“Great Products, competitive pricing, good service and responsiveness. 
Keep up the good work! No complaints.” — B. HILDRETH

M. Pettinari, Owner

“Highly competent at what they do. We should all look up to the way they are always oriented toward helping clients. They are always on the lookout for ways to help clients, be it by providing a specialized need, saving them money, or passing along prospects and leads. Highly efficient. Carefully paying attention to the little things and is always there for support, to listen to ideas, and provide valuable feedback. I highly recommend.”

“We asked for help on a packaging tube we have been having problems with. They were very responsive and offered alternatives. We will place future orders with them.” — D. SIMON

D. Snyder, Owner

“Big Valley Packaging has been very reliable to provide the materials I need in a timely fashion. What I like is that they also know the value of working two ways by providing jobs for me for their clients. Personable, Good Value, and High Integrity"

“Downright honest, and refreshing to work with!” — C.J. THOMPSON

L. Perez, Consultant

“A valued business partner. Professionalism and careful attention to detail and follow up are of superior quality. I endorse and highly recommend  their services.”

“I have had very good customer service. The quality of the products have all been exceptional!” — C. BAKER

J. BROCKWAY, Director Product Development

“All my dealings have been positive and with excellent results. 
They are packaging experts with knowledgeable and friendly advice on how best to achieve the results we were looking for.”

“WOW! I have to say that I truly admire your quotation and ordering system.  
Whoever put all this together is truly a genius and if it is a team effort then congratulations to an outstanding team.  

Your system is extremely easy to use and I like all of the links included to get to the information that you want to get to. Your customer service is also excellent and very responsive and informative. 
I’ve used a lot of these type systems with much larger distributors such as Newark Electronics, Digikey, HMC Electronics, Mouser, Online Components and many others and I have to say that these guys are a cut above all of them.  

One “Class Act”. ” — D. GORDON

J. Carter, CEO

“I have worked in and around the packaging industry with them for the better part of thirty years and they have always been professional and thorough in all aspects of the job from beginning to end. They are the type of people that I consider more than just a supplier but valued friends.
Great Results, Personable, Experts"