Memorial Day Remembrance Honor Our Veterans

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, let us remember those who sacrificed their lives for the peace and security of our country. Although they never came back...their sacrifice lives on.

In remembrance and honor of those men and women.

Big Valley Packaging wishes to thank all our Military, and our hearts go out as we remember and honor all the amazing Veterans who have served and given themselves to protect us and this nation.

We honor the opportunity to serve our military veterans, and encourage others to give to charitable veteran programs and support veteran owned businesses.

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Cleanroom Bags Bags Film Tubing Sheeting Rolls

Stock and custom cleanroom bags Class100 Certified

Stock and custom cleanroom bags Class100 Certified

Big Valley Packaging is proud to offer quality first clean room packaging bag products.  Cleanroom bags for level class 100 ISO 8 packaging requirements.   Protection for clean medical and device packing. Our low prices don’t sacrifice our quality assurances or clean room standards.  We have the capabilities to produce a variety of different shapes, sizes, and applications in materials.  From extrusion to conversion to packaging, our cleanroom standard operating procedures ensure our customers peace of mind for all quality clean room packaging products.  Clean room packaging bags film and tubing at class 50, class 100, and class 10,000.

An innovative leader in cleanroom packaging technology, providing the ultimate cleanroom products while meeting the most stringent industry requirements! ISO Class 5 Cleanroom,  IEST Standards STD 1246D. Of the various products and services we provide, certified class 100 cleanroom bags and packaging is at the forefront of Big Valley Packagings offerings.  Custom made to size clean room bags, cleanroom polyethylene tubing, and cleanroom plastic films sheeting.  Cleanroom bags for electronics sensitive to dust particulates.
From simple dust control to more stringent Class 100 level cleanliness product lines, Big Valley Packaging offers a wide variety of our products manufactured, converted, and certified to clean room environment and material specifications.  Cleanroom film bags made to order.

  • Cleanroom bags

  • Cleanroom plastic polyethylene poly bags

  • Cleanroom nylon bags

  • Cleanroom tubing sleeves

  • Aclar bags cleaned film

  • Clean room Polyethylene films bags pouches covers

  • Cleanroom film and bags

  • Class 100 Nylon bag or tubing rolls

  • Cleanroom Class100 bag cleaned certified

  • Tubing bagging packaging for clean rooms

  • Cleanroom plastic poly sheeting rolls

  • Custom made to size cleanroom bags 

Cleanroom bags class 100 certified polyethylene bags film tubing sheeting rolls

Computer Electronics Semiconductor
Medical Pharmaceutical

Surface Mount Crate Latches Butterfly Twist Locks

Large and medium crate latches

Large and medium crate latches

Crate Latches Butterfly Twist Link Locks For Wood Crates

Surface mount latch crate lid hardware from Big Valley Packaging. Metal locking latches some spring loaded, flat cam latches, twist locks.  Small, medium, and large latches and catch plates and strike plates to secure wooden crate lids closed.  
Surface mount hardware for wooden crates.  Metal steel hasp style padlock link lock twist latches for wood crate boxes.

PN 7536 Large Surface Mount Twist Latch. Matching Keeper Plate  0371
PN 7538 Large Surface Mount Twist Latch. Flat Cam. Matching Keeper Plate  0371
PN 7566 Large Surface Mount Twist Latch. Spring-Loaded. Matching Catch Keeper Plate  0371
PN 7568 Large Surface Mount Twist Latch. Flat Cam. Spring-Loaded. Matching Keeper Plate  0371
PN 7589 Large Surface Mount Twist Latch. Padlockable. Spring-Loaded. Matching Keeper Plate  2011
PN 7460 Medium Twist Latch. Spring Loaded. Matching Medium Surface Mount Catch Plate 2393
PN 7335 Small Flat Cam Surface Mount Twist Latch with Exposed Mounting Hole Matching Keeper Plate  0334
PN 7339 Small Surface Mount Twist Latch. Padlock-able. Matching Keeper Plate  0334
PN 7365 Small Surface Mount Twist Latch. Flat Cam. Spring-Loaded. Exposed Mounting Hole. Matching Keeper Strike Plate  0334

Crate latches

  • Latch strike plates

  • Small keeper

  • Large link locks

  • Medium twist latches

  • Surface mount crate latch

  • Flat cam lock

  • Spring loaded latches

  • Pad lockable

7536 7538 7566 7568 2017 2017-7568 7589 7460 7435 7335 7339 7365 2698 0334 1091 0371 2393 2696 2011

Medium latch small twist lock crate latches and metal hasps

Medium latch small twist lock crate latches and metal hasps

Keeper plates and strikes

Keeper plates and strikes

Brown Kraft Shipping Box

Kraft brown shipping boxes many sizes

Kraft brown shipping boxes many sizes

These Boxes are the industry standard! Our standard sized brown shipping boxes are available in quality board thicknesses and on the shelf ready to ship to your door. Perfect boxes for shipping your product goods.
Boxes ship and store flat to save space.

Cube boxes disburse product weight evenly for easier stacking.
Use this popular size cube box to package cylindrical, round or odd shaped products. Manufactured from 200#/ECT-32 kraft corrugated. Sold and shipped flat in bundle quantities.

Tall Corrugated Boxes are end loading for easy insertion and sealing.
May be used in place of mailing tubes. Ideal for shipping irregularly-shaped items, such as lamps, golf clubs, shelving, fishing rods and umbrellas.

Long Corrugated Boxes with wide openings along the length make these cartons easy to pack.
Great for long and narrow items.

Side Loading Boxes Full overlap (FOL) flaps for added protection.
Recommended for shipping flat or narrow products such as compact rifles. 14x4x42” 1.4 Cubic foot capacity.

Multi-Depth Corrugated Boxes
Minimize the impact of new UPS and FedEx dimensional weight pricing by using the right size box.

These cartons offer the benefits of having many box sizes in your inventory without using up valuable storage space. Multi-depth style cartons are scored at intervals on the sides of the box. To obtain the desired size container, simply cut down to the height wanted. No need for a special carton-sizing tool.

Telescoping Inner Boxes
HSC style carton can be used alone or combined with companion piece for an adjustable, 2-piece set.
One inner and one outer carton required to make a set - sold separately.

  • Small brown boxes

  • Brown Shipping Box

  • Kraft Shipping Boxes

  • Brown Kraft corrugated box

  • Brown cardboard box

  • Tall boxes

  • Cube Box

  • Multi depth box

  • Long box

  • Brown colored boxes

  • Natural Kraft eco friendly boxes

Buy brown kraft shipping boxes

White Shipping Boxes

#3 Oyster White Shipping Boxes

#3 Oyster White Shipping Boxes

White Boxes
Have your product stand out and get noticed.

White shipping boxes from Big Valley are available in stock and custom sizes. Labels and special shipping instructions stand out on the crisp white carton. Preserve shipment appearance by sealing white boxes with clear carton sealing tape or white paper tape. Manufactured from 200#/ECT-32 white corrugated. Small medium and larger sized white boxes in standard sizes.

  • Small white boxes

  • Medium white shipping boxes

  • Large white corrugated box

  • White colored packing boxes

Order today.

Buy White Shipping Boxes

White cardboard boxes ship store pack your manufactured products

White cardboard boxes ship store pack your manufactured products