Packaging For Electronics

Anti-static Conductive ESD shipping supply.
Corrosion is the second leading cause of failure in the electronics industry.

IC Tubes for shipping integrated circuits

IC Tubes for shipping integrated circuits

Plastic antistatic ic tubes

Anti-static plastic ic tubes for shipping and storing integrated circuits. Semiconductor electronics components shipping supply. Plastic pins rubber end stops and foam fillers for esd packing and shipping sensitive electronics. We specialize in providing effective ESD protective packaging for processing and shipping.  Plastic anti static ic tubes and aluminum rails for shipping sensitive parts, and black conductive for storage and shipping of delicate semiconductors integrated circuits chips and other electronic devices. Plastic ic tubes for packing and shipping computer electronics. Offering packaging solutions to help our clients get their product safely to market on time. ESD, wafer packaging, plastic anti-static ic tubes, rubber bands, conductive foam, pink anti-static foams, custom thermoforming, custom die cutting, JEDEC trays, and static shielding bags.  Many sizes ic storage tubes for organizing, packing tubes, and tube stoppers plugs.

Wafer level packaging plastic jars antistatic foam tyvek carbon interleaf separators

Wafer level packaging plastic jars antistatic foam tyvek carbon interleaf separators

Wafer jar Packaging

Silicon wafer-level packaging systems for storing and shipping integrated circuits for the semiconductor industry for 75mm 100mm 150mm 200mm 300mm and even square solar solutions. Plastic packaging jars antistatic and conductive foam liners cushions, and tyvek and carbon leaf interleave separators.  Deep natural color jars and lids use pink anti static foam liners and open cell foam disc separators along with tyvek paper and blackstat discs. Silicon wafer packaging for the electronics semiconductor industry 


Pink Anti-static And Black Conductive Rubber Bands

Bundling banding esd anti-static
and conductive rubber bands

ESD Rubber bands

ESD safe rubber bands in both black conductive and pink antistatic for bundling trays and tying together static sensitive computer parts. Helps to reduce the risk of damaging ESD sensitive devices in critical semiconductor applications. Various sizes available.  Bundle and protect ESD sensitive IC Tubes, Trays, Boxes and Carriers quickly and safely. Can be used in cleanroom environments.  Does not generate static charge.

Black dissipative conductive rubber bands
Pink antistatic rubberbands

Pink anti-static and black conductive rubber bands for bundling trays tying off bags and shipping bundled products where protection from static is necessary


Black conductive bin boxes

ESD Shelf Bins

Black Conductive Bin Boxes

ESD safe shelf bins from Big Valley Packaging. Black conductive bin boxes for storing static sensitive electronics.

Black ESD Conductive corrugated board with Intercept products provide state-of-the-art esd and corrosion protection for silver, copper, brass, bronze, and ferrous metals for the electronics industries. 

Static Intercept™ is a Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories patented technology that neutralizes Corrosive Gases Uses No Oils – Leaves No Deposits On Metal Surfaces. Does Not Out-gas. Provides Humidity Independent ESD Protection. 



B-Flute front tuck mailers are standard shippers for computer electronics devices. 

E Flute Component Shippers

E-flute front tuck mailers for component shipping. Black conductive corrugated with pink antistatic polyurethane foam and removable conductive bottom pad offer device protection during shipping and storage.

ESD Parts Shippers for electronic components.

Black Conductive E Flute Corrugated small part computer component mailers shippers with foam.