Big Valley Packaging BCLIPS For Box Flaps Open or Closed

Big Valley Packaging BCLIPS For Box Flaps Open or Closed

How do you hold your box flaps down, keep cardboard box flaps open or keep flaps closed? 
The Original BCLIPS are Big Valley Packaging’s heavy duty slide on clip will hold and keep your shipping box carton flaps open and down during your manufacturing and assembly services. Our plastic heavy duty carton clips will conveniently hold down cardboard shipping box flaps in the middle not in the corner, so your boxes stay with flaps open for easy loading or unloading, even on double wall corrugated boxes.
Works on both single wall and double walled shipping boxes to tack flaps down.
Bclips (beeclips) are a strong plastic carton flap clip holders that are available in three great colors bright red, bold black or our favorite color vibrant yellow.
Our reusable plastic bclips are made to last, and reuse over and over again as your box product goes down the conveyor assembly line.  Make your order processing, box packing and box repacking a breeze order now online.

Bclips measure 1"x3" and are packaged 100/case

  • Yellow Bclip corrugated box flap holders from Big Valley

  • Big Valley Red B-clip flap open carton clip for packing shipping boxes

  • Black B CLIP to hold box flaps down

  • Plastic Flap clips beeclips

  • Box repacking clip

  • Order fulfillment processing

  • Cardboard Box Flaps down

  • Cardboard Box Flaps open


Yellow Bclip

Yellow BCLIP Clips hold carton flaps open holders

Yellow flaps open bclip-y

Conveyor assembly line 


Red bclip

Red BCLIP Clips hold flaps down and open

Red plastic clip bclip-r

Pick and pull product packing

  • Fulfillment packing and shipping

  • Flap tacks

  • Cardboard flaps open

  • Double wall box flaps open clips

  • Order Red BClips


Black bclip

Black BCLIP Clips hold carton box flaps open

black beeclip carton clip bclip-b

Shipping box order pulling picking

  • Shipping box flaps down

  • Box flap clips

  • Carton clips to hold boxes open

  • Heavy duty flap clips for boxes

  • Order Black BClips

Metal BCLIPS Wired Clips For Box Flaps

Box Flaps Closed Wire Clip

Box Flaps Closed Wire Clip


Order BCLIP-RBC100 100/box

Since 1963, specialty patented carton closures for industrial and military use have offered ease of packing and unpacking corrugated boxes for decades.  
Wired robert's kite box clips from Big Valley keeps box carton flaps closed. Our wire kite clips substantially cuts costs and saves time in handling corrugated cartons in plants, warehouses, stores, etc.  Protect stored merchandise from dust, pilferage, and damage.  
Our roberts bclip box clips are reusable wire carton closures which are used to hold box flaps closed. Yet access to contents can easily be gained for inventory or order filling without harming the carton. Production departments will find they are useful in closing cartons of finished pieces for transfer to assembly, inspection, or storage areas. These handy bclips fit all sizes and shapes, eliminate costly time consuming taping and re-taping procedures, and reduce the number of expensive tape machines needed throughout plants and warehouses.  May also be used to temporarily hold box carton flaps in an open position.  Military Robert’s box clips wire packaging applications for repack packing containers boxes.

Box Flaps Open Wire Clip

Box Flaps Open Wire Clip


Order BCLIP-WFH100 100/Box

Conveniently hold and secure even the toughest and largest corrugated carton flaps in a full open position, and out of the way during conveying and hand packing or unpacking operations.  

Metal Wire Bclips for holding boxes flaps open open or closed on assembly lines and milspec military packaging applications

Wire Box carton flaps open bclips

To Use: Fold box flaps down on outside of carton. Press in points of box flap holder at corner where flaps meet. Press in at lowest point. The metal flap holder in no way harms the carton, it snap punctures into place easily on the underside of the flap, and is economical and re-usable. Use in receiving, production, shipping departments and anywhere corrugated cartons are used.